Pest Inspections

Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

Before you purchase a new home, it is highly recommended that you obtain a professional pest inspection. It is essential to identify any pest activity which may be causing internal damage to the structure of the property.


Timber pests include termites, wood borers and wood decay fungi (wood rot). These timber pests are common in all properties and can undermine timber structures.


All homes contain timber elements that are vulnerable to attack from timber pests.

What is included in a Pest Inspection?

We look for evidence of any termite activity and termite damage as well as evidence of any previous termite treatments.

Timber borers or evidence of timber borers and damage.

Wood rot (wood decay fungi) damage and potential safety hazards in timber structures such as rotten timber steps, handrails and balconies.

We report on any conditions that may be conducive to termite attack or conditions that can cause wood rot.