Construction Pest Control

Secure your building from future damage.

At Advanced Pest Control, we’re one of Australia’s foremost installers of pre-construction termite management systems. Working directly with builders, we have both the wide-ranging experience and deep expertise to deliver the termite prevention services the construction sector needs.


Our solutions cover residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial structures with services such as:

Traditional liquid termite barriers

Reticulated termite barriers

Physical termite barriers (HomeGuard & Kordon)

Concrete curing

Waterproofing to slab edges


Prevention – the best course of action.


Termite damage is devastating and extremely expensive.

Prevention is always better than having to deal with the damage once it occurs.

Using our protection barriers allows us to control the environment, offering you peace of mind in knowing that your building is protected from a termite infestation.


We install the barrier at the early stages of construction, before the main construction begins.

The pipes are flexible and durable and allow us to inject the chemical into the soil around the base of the property preventing the termites from getting in.

The chemical is active for 2-5 yrs, but can be topped up as required.


Advanced Pest Control specialise in the installation of full and partial physical protection barriers. We are WA’s biggest installer of HomeGuard to both residential homes and commercial construction. The HomeGuard range of products are made from high quality, UV stabilised polymers, designed to handle the rigours of construction and to provide an effective subterranean termite management system.

We also install Kordon physical termite barrier as specified by many commercial construction projects.

termite barrier
termite construction barrier


The revolutionary ALTIS system is an environmentally friendly way to apply chemicals beneath or around the outside of a building. It is installed under concrete slabs prior to construction and around the exterior to provide a complete and continuous chemical barrier when charged with the registered chemical Biflex. This can be installed to both new and existing buildings.