Advanced Pest Control Warranties

We are committed to ensuring quality of service and results for all of our clients, in both residential & commercial industries.


Our warranties vary depending on the treatment you have had done:

Basic residential pest pest control services receive a 3 month warranty for treatments.

Termite barriers for existing homes, receive a 12 month warranty (renewable each year based on annual inspections)

HomeGuard installations receive the manufacturer warranty of 50 years (subject to annual inspections as required under Australian Standards)

Reticulated systems receive a 50 year warranty on the hardware & 5 years for the chemicals (subject to annual inspections as required under Australian Standards)

We will re-treat any termite infestation during the guarantee period free of charge!

Will replace (labour and materials) during the guarantee period the following timbers in the home structure which have been damaged by termites (white ants): skirting boards, doors and frames, window frames, window and door sills, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, fixed cupboards, roofing and ceiling timbers and all internal furniture.


In accordance to the Australian Standards Code 3660. * An annual inspection must be carried out by Advanced Pest Control for this Warranty to be valid.